Slayer EMX

$2750 USD$3150 USD

Slayer EMX Frame Kit
1. 1380Wheel-Base for Stability and Aggressive Hill Climbs
2. Compatible with MTB 44mm Recess Headsets
3. Multiple Shock Choices(Pit Bike or MTB style)
4. Ergonomic design for adults
5. Compatible USD 85/100Class SX style Fork be available seperately
6. Compatible with multiple QS-Mid-Drive Motors
7. Compatible with Surron Rear Brake Bracket and Rear Hub & Axle
8. Heavy Duty Pivot Axle and Linkage Bolts for extra durability
9. Oversize Pivot and Linkage Bearings to take whatever you throw at it
10. 2.2:1 reduction Gear Ratio
(4:1 reduction Gear Kit available)
11. Compatible with Far-Driver 360/530/850 Class Controllers
12. Stainless Steel Casing for Battery pack.