Dragon Slayer

Ultimate Project of Technic-Q EMX, The [Dragon Slayer] aka the”Surron Killer”

Target Weight: 75kg
Power Rating: Continous 10kw/20kw [Max 25kw/40kw] Wheel Base: 1350-1380
Wheels: 21/18 or 21/19 Setup
Front Suspension: 10″ Travel, Adjustable Compression/Rebound Open Bath Upright/Inverted Fork
Rear Suspension: 10″ Travel, Inverted Moto-Link. 300mm Rear Shock with Peggy Bag Oil Reservoir and Nitrogen Chamber. Rebound amd Compression fully adjustable.
Air Shroud and Air Ducts through the Frame for Effecient Cooling of Controller and Motors
Sufficient Space for Water Cooling System Installation,.
Maximized Battery Space to House up to 72V 50AH Batteries


Aggressive Geometry

Incorporate the Aggressive Geometry of Downhill Racing, Racing MotorCross & Enduro Bikes 1. 64Degrees Head-Angle 2. Up to 1400mm Wheel Base for Stable off road performance 3. Short Swing Arm to keep the bike Nimble


Designed around 21"/18" or 21"/19" Setup For most abundant Tire Choices and Adequate Off-Road Performance

Drive Train

Motor Brackets come with Reduction GearBox for usable Torque and power curve.

Power Rating

Continous 10kw/20kw [Max 25kw/40kw] Designed to provide sufficient Space for most popular Controllers and Motors. 1. Controllers: BACs, Nuculars, APTs, NJFD 2. Motors: 10kw Water Cooled Golden Motor, QS138 70H/90H

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