Surron QS165motor(Hall Type)+ Controller kit+Bomber Guard Combo

$800 USD

QS-165 6kw Rated Motor(150% Torque!!)

Specific Designed for Replacement of
The overpriced Surron Stock Motor
1. Exact fixing points for Surron Light Bees
2. Heavier Rotor for better efficiency and heat dissipation
3. Revised Magnet Arrangement, no more shattered or loosen Magnets
4. Oversized Axle Bearings and high Tolerance Motor Casing for longevity of motor life
5. 6awg Phase Wires for High Current purpose
6. Far-Driver Controllers offers User Friendly cell phone app for easy and convenient tuning
7. Far-Driver Cell Phone App provides easy settings to Customize your own Throttle Curve
8. Plug & Play Harness Custom developed by Technic-Q EMX, Totally Straight On Plug & Play(all sensors should be removed)
9. Pre-Programed Controllers only Available from Technic-Q EMX, Completely Plug & Play
10. Proven Mounting System available, protect your Controller and Looks Cool
11. Matching Our Bomb Proof Bash Guard (laterally the strongest on Earth)
12. Matching Phase wires and Connection Block for easy Installation and highest safety

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