Far-Driver 72530/72680/84680/96680 Controller + Custom Controller Mounting Guard

$1000 USD$1550 USD

NJFD_Control Curve Graph Plotting Feature


NJFD_T&C Guidelines

I-Phone BlueTooth Tunning App


1. Feature of NJFD 72530 /72600 Controller, Specification:
a.72530(350A max. Line Current/530A max. Phase Current)
b.72600(350A max. Line Current/600A max. Phase Current)
c.Fully adjustable throttle curve
d.Fully adjustable Regen mode and current(72600 only)
e.Auto-Learn Function to accommodate Hall Magnet Slip
f.72600 is all New Design Smaller in Size, More Compact and allows more function and Higher Current.

2. Weather proof Plugs all the way

3. Full Metal Mounting Tabs(no plastic)

4. Wiring Guide/Table

5. All controllers will be T&Ced and pre-
programed before shipping
6. Staineless Steel/Titanium Mounting
7. Latest Model and Software from
Manufacturer, fully supported for
Android/I-phone and PC adjustments
(USB module be purchased separately)
8.Offical T&C video below
CAUTION:Please put on these connection Insulators and Take photo after Installation completed for Record, this is Crucial for your controller’s warranty