Far Driver Controllers

$180 USD$1230 USD

Infamous Hall Sensor BLDC controller from China
Best for DIY E-bike builders
Auto-learn function allows you to pair it up with any BLDC motor with Hall sensor
Other Features

1. Compatible with 48-108V
2. Available from 360Amp to 1800Amp
3. Fully Adjustable Throttle Curve
4. 3-Map Setting available
5. Adjustable Regen Braking Current
6. Different Automatic Regen Modes
7. Break-Lever controlled Electric Braking Applicable(specific Brake Levers Required)
8. Adapt to Battery Voltage automatically
9. Adjustable Accleration Rate/OutPut Torque
10.Potted Controller for best Safety and water resistance.
11. Blue Toothe Module Included